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Damat Tween Turkey

Type: Store

Location: 34400 Besiktas/İstanbul

Address: Akmerkez AVM, Nispetiye Cad. Etiler, Kültür

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Orka Inc. in 1986 GROOM brand with male clothing sector to step the day the horse today, with 100% Turkish capital have created their own brands, fashion is settled in the central location of the men's fashion, converting it into a way of life, in 2012 the foreign partnership agreements implemented have gained a global holding company structure is an organization.

Orka Holding, creating a modern style with high quality fabrics and stylish design, "consumer's favorite menswear brand" as the groom after the registered trademark, acclaimed for its unique design tweener won the men's clothing industry. The third brand Orka Holding D'S groom, proper collection of any size and budget and common understanding of each store network with men apparel market is pointed out as one of the most important players on the leader.

Orka Holding; with men's fashion to bring the brand which has made its name with innovations in Turkey and in more than 200 destinations around the world continues to be the leader in the Turkish fashion industry. 

Completed the institutionalization process in 1994 ORKA Group ' s industry and known retail brands Damat-Tween-ADV ' s domestic and concept store and franchise system abroad has gained momentum in 1995

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