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About Us
LUXOViS and World Class Luxury were established in December 2014 in order to simplify accessing luxury goods and services on the internet. Our highly qualified staff and their innovative ideas enabled us to develop an information platform website: This has been developed through extensive research and contacts with consumers and companies involved in the high class market sector. Our extensive catalogue includes many diverse categories such as hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, shops, etc.
To navigate the world of superior goods, the website allows discerning private consumers and businesses quickly to locate items on the map and  receive summaries about services and products. Most places offer not only luxury and exclusivity, but also unique opportunities to meet new business partners or compatible individuals with similar interests. By entering the reference point on the map  clients can find objects that meet their requirements for private trips, luxury hobbies and sports or business meetings.
All the listed suppliers offer high quality products and services from the most appropriate sector. Our potential clients can apply for registration by specifying the company profile and activity. The team at LUXOViS and World Class Luxury will contact the company and confirm the registration. Each item has its own summary page for the services and products offered, and with the help of an on-line form clients can request more detailed information.
We are constantly developing and improving the platform to promote mutually rewarding relationships between market participants and the innovative service package itself complies with international marketing requirements.

We look forward to helping you in your searches for quality living.

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