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2017-06-28 (Technology)

When you think you have seen it all. Step aboard and set course for a new horizon beneath the surface with the private submarines.
Dive anywhere in the world to 1,100 meters (3600 ft) with the C-Researcher 3 – 1100.
This superb submersible is perfect for private use as well as science and exploration alike. You can equip your submarine with options such as manipulator arms or underwater cameras for research, or to document the wonders that are hidden at these depths. As with all C-Researcher submersibles, the unimpeded view through the spacious acrylic sphere is without peer.
Thanks to the compact Pressure-Tolerant Battery System, the line of research submarines has more than twice the capacity compared with that of any other private submarine. This is a very important feature for deep diving, just like the strategically placed vertical thrusters and a CFD-optimised design. As a result of these features descending to and ascending from a depth of 1,100 meters requires minimal time.
The four vectored horizontal thrusters also generate lateral thrust, making it possible to move efficiently sideways with the C-Researchers. The freedom in manoeuvrability is very useful for precision-work that demands great accuracy in positioning the submarine in its 3D environment.
The C-Researcher 3 – 1100 utilizes the automatic trim weight system, which maintains a fully horizontal trim of the submersible even when carrying varying equipment configurations or manipulating objects on the sea floor.
The submarine’s pressure-tolerant lithium-ion battery technology provides more efficient charging and discharging, longer endurance, improved life cycles, lower weight and is a much cleaner and safer technology for the environment than conventional lead-acid batteries. The craft’s Marlin Controller makes surface navigation effortless without the need for a pilot in the submersible. It also greatly enhances safety and ease of launch & recovery, since you do not need a person to be on or in the submarine during lifting.
There are numerous tiers of safety built into all U-Boat Worx submersibles making them the safest in the world. For example, the submersible is positively buoyant and will float automatically to the surface in the highly unlikely event of a power failure.
Each submersible is built to stringent standards and an extensive program of tests guarantees that each submarine meets these standards. This process is continuously inspected and on completion, the vessel will be certified by DNV GL. Besides the mandatory safety features, U-Boat Worx has invested a lot of time in the development of industry-defining features like the unique safety buoy.
The five different submarines in the C-Researcher series let private explorers and researcher pick the most suitable submersible for their mission objectives.

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