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Isabel Marant France

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Isabel Marant France

Type: Store

Location: 75003 Paris

Address: 47, rue de Saintonge

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In a few words.

It all started in 1989 when Isabel Marant launched Twen, her first knitwear and jersey brand, at 22 years old. She held her first show in her own name in 1995 in the courtyard of a squat, with her friends as models.

Barely three years later, she opened her first boutique in an old artists’ workshop. Her historic location is still on rue de Charonne, in the Bastille district.

The style Isabel Marant is a culture mix, a cosmopolite and urban world. Isabel’s silhouettes are showing feminine elegance, fitted and close-to-the-body.

Etoile is the second line designed by Isabel Marant. It is defined by the paradox of proposing wardrobe that is not only accessible but very much of the moment. The collection is a collage of sportswear classics inspired by work wear or military garments, combined with more feminine pieces and knitwear. Etoile also combines comfortable active sportswear elements which are meant to be worn alone or mixed with a dash of attitude to chic-er, more dressed-up pieces.

What makes this collection stand apart is the attention paid to textiles and texture : fabrics are washed and aged with boiled and wrinkled effects, faded, half-tone colors set off by bright highlights, seams are left raw and hems slightly frayed. Etoile offers clothes that are personal and strong but easy to wear.

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