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Barbara Bui

Type: Store

Location: 75008 Paris


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HANDBAGS Informal luxurious handbags for more seduction. Timeless carryalls to night purses. Highest quality leathers and classic metal detailing; true signatures of Barbara Bui style. 

SHOES Objects of desire impregnate by modern chiseled lines; boots and sandals with extremely spiked heels, declined in materials of the night like python, suede, satin and patent leather contradicted by sport couture details.

ICONIC ACCESSORIES Scarves, belts and bracelets, in leather, python and crocodile, are reinvented into the must-have accessories for the Barbara Bui woman. Her personality, sensitive and rock shakes up the preconceptions of elegance.

FINE LEATHER GOODS Wallets and make up bags in luxurious fabrics. 


ÁTAME A silver jewellry collection, entirely dedicated to chains with the symbolism of the snake. With a simplicity that is brutal and ultra feminine, Átame foretells of a contemporary approach to luxury.

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