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Prince’s Grant Golf Estate

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Golf & Sport
Golf & Sport
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Prince’s Grant Golf Estate

Type: Golf

Location: KwaZulu-Natal

Address: 1 Babu Bodasing

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Prince’s Grant Coastal Golf Estate, established in 1994, has matured into one of the most prestigious residential Estates in KwaZulu Natal. Reclaimed from a sugar cane monoculture, it was replanted with over 100 000 indigenous trees and plants, to recreate the natural biodiversity of the area. This resulted in the Estate being recognized a Site of Conservation Significance by the KwaZulu Natal Ezemvelo Wildlife Department. The original vision of developer Guy Smith has blossomed into a spectacular reality for both residents and visitors.
The residential Estate consists of over 450 houses and plots, spread over 4 ridge lines overlooking the Indian Ocean and the championship golf course. The common theme running through the architecture is designed to bring a village feel to the Estate. World class facilities include the 4 star Lodge, tennis and squash courts, canoeing on the lagoon, bird watching and nature walks in the beautiful coastal forest, and 2km of pristine beachfront.
The Estate is managed by the Homeowner’s Association. This body is responsible for the maintenance, development and finances of the Estate, as well as for the commercial operations which include golf, the Lodge and the Jeremy Stubbs Conference Centre.
In recognition of the excellent job done by this body, Prince’s Grant Coastal Golf Estate was named Best Golf Development in Africa in 2011 by the World Property Awards.
An ongoing drive to promote sustainable activities and recycling has led to the development of an eco-friendly waste management policy that includes composting, glass crushing, wood chipping and sorting and recycling of household waste. The recycled products are then utilized on the Estate-for example crushed glass is used as aggregate in all concrete works on the Estate.

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