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Imperial Hotel, Osaka

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Imperial Hotel, Osaka

Type: Hotel

Location: Osaka

Address: 8-50 Temmabashi 1-chome

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Check out time on Dec 31, 2013 will be 10am due to preparation for New Years special event. Check in time on Jan 3, 2014 will be 3pm due to clearance of New Years special event. ------------------- KEY SELLING POINTS The Imperial Hotel in Osaka is happily blessed with a setting that is both convenient for city activity and for enjoying refreshing natural scenes of this exotic metropolis, many offering a delightful look at the colorful fall foliage along the riverbanks. It provides the highest level of service with the newest facilities with 24hr room service available. The hotel also boasts its famous French Restaurant,Les Saisons which provides its guests panoramic views of the urban night scape whilst enjoying the restaurants carefully hand-picked and constantly evolving seasonal menu with meticulous service. A selection of richly varied and flavored wines are also on offer.

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